Offshore Crane Vessel

  • Brian Chang’s New Offshore Crane Vessel - Patent Published in December 2017

  • Introducing Brian Chang’s New Offshore Crane Vessel - Patent Published in December 2017

  • Introducing Brian Chang’s New Offshore Crane Vessel - Patent Published in December 2017

Calm Oceans Pte. Ltd. (“COPL”) has unveiled the design of the twin Heavy-Lift Vessels on 02 January 2018 after the Patent was published in December 2017.  Mr Brian Chang, Chairman and CEO of the company, who is also the design engineer conceptualised the design and engineering of the Heavy-Lift Vessels.

The twin Heavy-Lift Vessels are capable of lifting platforms of up to approximately 15,000MT in a single lift within a short period of time. Independently, each Heavy-Lift Vessel is capable of lifting approximately 7,500 MTS with no padeyes, slings, spreader bars, and hooks or shackles as well as no ballast transfer.  This exponentially increases the flexibility and expand the scope of work that it can provide to the decommissioning market, covering different platform weights.  The sheerleg design of the cranes enables the Heavy-Lift Vessel to perform lifting operation seamlessly and effortlessly from the platform site to the carrying barge.

Given the globally limited weather window for lifting operation, the Heavy-Lift Vessels have been designed to travel in excess of 14 knots, which enables it to be on locations, covering the five decommissioning markets within a year period.  With its proprietary lifting configuration, the twin Heavy-Lift Vessels are able to carry out the lifting operation in a fraction of the time taken for a traditional Heavy-Lift Vessel. The Heavy-Lift Vessels which embodied the strength of sheerleg crane with the nimbleness of catamaran vessel have been the brainchild of Mr Brian Chang.  With Mr Brian’s resounding success and engineering excellence in the design engineering of the operational Taisun Gantry Crane and the catamaran vessel, the Heavy-Lift Vessels reflect the synergistic engineering acumen, pushing the envelopment of offshore design and engineering to be more effective for the future and sustainable for the long-term.

Mr Brian’s inspiration in developing this technology reflects well of the growing demand in decommissioning market coupled with the need to reduce the maintenance cost through the efficient removal of aging and retired platforms. These pair of Heavy-Lift Vessels will certainly help oil companies as well as operators alike in reducing their operating cost significantly.

Principal Dimensions

  • LOA: 200m
  • Breadth: 70m
  • Depth (BL-MD): 20m
  • Operating Draft: 16- 18m
  • Transit Draft: 7.5m
  • Light Ship Weight: 20,000MT

Key Features

* Brian Chang Design

* Simple Asymmetric Hull Design

* Optimized between Speed & Heavy Lift Capability

* Heavy-Lift Capability

  • Two A-Frame Shear Leg Crane
  • Crane 2 x 3,750MT @22.5m from Edge of Vessel
  • Tandem Lifting 7,500MT

Key Features

* High Transit Speed (more than 14 knots)

* Utilizing operating window

* Accommodation: 59 POB

* Class & Notation:

  • A1 Offshore Support Vessel (Heavy Lift)
  • DPS-3, AMS, ACCU
  • Design Life of 20 years