Published: Apr 25, 2016

Courtesy of OOS-International B.V.

Brian Chang Building Heavy-Lift Vessels

Mr Brian Chang, the owner of Calm Oceans, has begun developing two Heavy-Lift Semisubmersibles suitable for the construction and the decommissioning of offshore platforms. Each vessel is designed to lift 7,500MT with two cranes onboard. The construction period will be approximately 30 months. Mr Brian Chang has built the largest shipyard crane in the world and tested at 25,000MT. The largest shipyard crane, named the “Taisun”, was designed in cooperation with Huisman Equipment B.V. and was built by Yantai Raffles Shipyard. It had been used to lift the deck boxes of many large semisubmersible drilling-rigs and held the record of most lifts between 14,000MT to 18,000MT. Mr Brian Chang was the founder and owner of Yantai Raffles Shipyard then. Prior to this, Mr Brian Chang has pioneered the patented MCP (Mono-Column Platform) Self Installing and Self Removable Offshore Platform for the offshore oil and gas industry. The MCP, suitable for 500ft water depth, is being built at Blue Island Shipyard in China.

Gretha, a twin Huisman crane P3 semisubmersible conceptualized by Brian Chang and built at Yantai Raffles. The crane is now operated by OOS for Petrobras.