Design & Engineering (Intellectual Property)

Calm Oceans with its Offshore Oil and Gas Engineering Design team identifies the game-changing technologies that could be introduced to reduce the cost of operation, logistics, and fabrication from user-centric approach.  We develop game-changing technologies in platforms, vessels, structures, tooling as well as methodologies from conception to decommissioning of an oil field.

We have developed and marketed, amongst others, the Self-Installing Platform (the Mono-Column Platform), Self-Installing Storage System (the Relocate-able Pivoting Storage & Offloading System).  Our goal is to design and develop offshore technologies with Classification Societies, in partnership with reputable operators, and proven industrial players.  Collectively, we bring practical, safe, and technically proven solutions for clients to economically and expediently develop their offshore oil and gas fields, including previously assessed to be uneconomical fields. Our technologies are the result of pushing the frontier of existing technologies within the boundaries of safe and engineering sound parameters. Our approach is based on three key drivers are: (1) holistic and outcome-based engineering from design, construction and operation, (2) building cross-discipline and faculty capacities, and (3) provisioning of prototyping to realize market demands.  With these technologies refreshed with superior engineering hence increased efficiency, we are able to overcome the challenges of developing high-cost, long lead-time and resource-intensive technologies.