Published: Feb 09 , 2015

Successful Jacking of Calm Ocean 101

Calm Ocean 101 (CO 101), the first Mono-Column Platform (MCP), achieved a significant milestone with the successful conduct of its inaugural jacking operation on 4 February 2015. The inaugural jacking operation validated and operationalized the conceptual engineering design.

On 4 February 2015, the Owner’s jacking specialist with the support from the shipyard and the vendors successfully jacked the 65m by 65m deck hull up with four jacking systems. Mr Brian Chang, the Chairman and CEO of Calm Oceans Pte. Ltd.; owner of CO 101 witnessed the entire operations. “The Calm Ocean 101 has stood up and proved itself”, says Mr Brian. “With oil prices being at half of what it was six months ago, Calm Ocean 101 is definitely highly competitive compared to the use of high-spec jack-up as well as the investment on long-term offshore platform. Oil companies looking for cost-effective solution especially as a result of the prevailing oil prices will find CO 101 suitably effective!”

The CO 101, with its large deck space, can be configured as a drilling and early production unit, accommodation for 40 men to 500 men or as a mobile offshore production unit / central processing platform that can be suitably deployed for water depth of up to 500 feet.

With oil a price hovering around USD45 to USD60 per barrel, the soon-to-be-fully constructed CO 101 is a cost effective solution to help oil companies lower their development costs.

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