Key Characteristics

  • Brian Chang Design
  • Self – Installing/Removal
  • Water Depth: 50 – 150m
  • Storage Capacity from 50,000 bbl to 1, 000, 000 bbl
  • Diameter: 7 – 40 m
  • Class & Notation : ABS *A1, Offshore Installation
  • Capable to remain on site up to 20 years
  • Flag & International Standards apply
Relocate-able Pivoting Storage & Offloading (RPSO)

The Relocate-able Pivoting Storage & Offloading (RPSO) is a self-installing, self-removal relocate-able shallow waters storage and offloading system patented with Brian Chang Design. The RPSO is designed with superior engineering based on strong fundamentals. It can be sized and configured according to client’s storage as well as offloading requirements.  The RPSO design has obtained ABS’ Approval-In-Principal (AIP). The RPSO can be configured for 30,000 bbl up to 1,000,000 bbl, depending on the field requirements.

The RPSO is more efficient and effective compared to the use of calm buoy and FSO. It is capable to sitting on seabed for 20 years and equipped with the necessary pumps, equipment to provide smooth operation between production and offloading. It is ideal for long-term deployment without manned operation and exhibits less fatigue.

In addition, the RPSO can perform as a Single-Leg Anchor Mooring (SLAM) to tankers with more than 150 MT mooring force.
Key Equipment

1. Export Hose Ree
2. Metering Skid
3.  Production Hose Reel
4.  Cargo Pumps
5.  Access Ladder
6.  Facilities Platform