We at Calm Oceans provide a suite of engineering solutions that meet a myriad of offshore requirements such as exploration, development and production.

Mono Column Platform-Drilling (MCP-D)

The Mono Column Platform – Drilling (MCP-D) shown below was engineered specifically with a 1500HP drilling package for one of the oil companies, which had the requirement to drill two appraisal wells at 8,000 feet in 90 meter water depth.  This MCP-D was designed with the space to cater for current drilling requirement as well as for the production modules in the future.

This offers a cost-effective & field-specific solution, which is rightly-sized to carry out the project. Such a solution reduces the development cost significantly and is able to fast track the development to first oil, thus monetising the fields earlier.

Note : Drilling equipment with higher capacity can also be installed according to client’s requirements.

Engineering Solution 2.5

Eng Soln 2 PV

Mono Column Platform-Production (MCP-P)

The Mono Column Platform-Production (MCP-P) shown below was designed specifically for one of our clients.  They had the challenge of high development cost in using conventional approach of employing jacket in tandem with FPSO. The self-installing MCP-P was evaluated to be technically superior with significant cost savings, proving to be an economically attractive solution.

Engineering Solutuon 1

Eng Soln Plan-View




Mono Column Wellhead Platform (MCP-W)

The Mono Column Wellhead Platform (MCP-W)  was designed for one of our clients to overcome the challenging conditions in their field.  This field is in shallow water (40m water depth) with significant waves and has deep layers of soft soil.  A typical 3-legged jack up cannot be deployed due to such seabed conditions therefore a tender rig has to be employed. The MCP-W was designed with the capacity to accommodate the drilling equipment system (DES) from the tender rig to perform drilling.  In addition, the MCP-W is able to accommodate lightweight production system. The initial cost estimates suggest the MCP-W to be far more economical than standard jacket solution.




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