Calm Ocean 101 (CO 101) is the first Mono Column Platform currently under construction.

CO 101 is being constructed in Asia and on track for delivery in December 2014 as a bare deck unit.  Subject on the contract requirement, she can be outfitted with modular facilities for different applications such as drilling, production or accommodation.

A total of 81pcs of chords and racks are assembled and competed on 10th September 2014.

Jackhouse is one of the most important part of the Jacking System. All of the 4 Jackhouse structure have been welded. 4 Jackhouse have gone through refine machining and would be installed on main hull in Oct 2014.

Main hull blocks painting scheduled to be completed in Oct 2014.

The full length (172m, each section around 35m) of leg have 5 sections, we have completed 2 sections(L02 & L03), L01 section is going for assembling, L04 & L05 scheduled to be completed in Oct 2014.

All the blocks of Main hull welding work have completed. Main hull assembly would be completed in Oct 2014.













Successful jacking test.

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