Published: Apr 18, 2014

Calm Ocean 101 Steel Cutting Ceremony

On 18 April 2014, Mr Brian Chang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Calm Oceans Pte Ltd, attended the steel-cutting ceremony of the Mono-Column Platform (MCP), Calm Ocean 101 (CO-101). The steel cutting of the CO-101 is part of the project milestone leading to the scheduled delivery of the CO-101 in late 2014.

CO-101 is the first prototype of the MCP, a wholly owned propriety design by COPL. The MCP, akin to an offshore real estate, is a multi-purpose jack up with a large deck space of up to 4,200m2 and high payload of up to 5,000MT. Designed to operate at 500 feet and below, it can be fitted either or in a combination of modular drilling, production or accommodation packages

The MCP seeks to provide end-users early monetization of oil reserves, may it be in fields with huge or marginal reserves. Coupled with its mat-supported foundation, the MCP can operate on soft seabed where traditional jack ups would find it challenging. Furthermore, the MCP is designed to be an efficient platform for exploration, production, accommodation, and other projects. The MCP’s entry into the offshore oil and gas arena, it is envisaged that it will change the way traditional exploration and production are operated. Furthermore, the MCPs will give players in the marginal fields the opportunities to monetize their limited resources, which they could not before (see extract of the article by ABS1).

Therefore, the inaugural steel-cutting ceremony is equally significant to COPL as it is to the offshore industry. Together with COPL, key personnel from the ABS also attended the ceremony, affirming the importance of this milestone.