Multi Purpose Vessel Uncle John

A semi-submersible, multi-service vessel with a fully redundant dynamically positioning system designed to work in harsh water environment while conducting year round operations in close proximity to platforms. The saturation diving complex supports around the clock, split level diving operations to 304.8msw.

A 150 MT capacity derrick with a heave compensated top drive system and a spacious heli-deck are prominent features. The main deck has an exceptionally large working area which can handle special project deck-loads of 400 MT. Operations are assisted by two 100 MT cranes on the port side.


  • Offshore Construction, Installation & Inspections
  • Saturation diving capability to 300msw
  • Surface diving capability to 53msw
  • ROV support (work class)
  • ADS (atmospheric diving suit) support
  • Risers, spool piece and jumper installations
  • Pipeline abandonment
  • Large deck space
  • Helicopter deck
  • Coring
  • Well servicing
  • Reeled pipe lay

Vessel Identification

Port of Registry: Panama

Flag: Panama

Classification: Det Norske Veritas

Principal Dimensions

Length Overall pontoons: 77.00m

Length B.P.:69.95m

Beam: 52.6m

Displacement: 9,539tonnes

Working Draft: 15.50m

Breadth over Pontoon: 52.60m

Breadth of Deck: 48.00m

Depth to Upper Deck: 26.50m


Deck Space: 1,100m2

Diving Gas (below Deck): 10,117m3

Water Ballast Tank: 4,353MT

Fresh Water Tanks 196MT

Fresh Water Plants (RO): 50MT/day

Maximum Deck Load: 400MT

Fuel Oil Tank: 690MT

Lube Oil Tank: 7m3

Propulsion & Thruster

Self-Propelled Dynamically Positioned Variable Pitch

Stern Thrusters: 2 x 3,000HP

Transverse Thrusters: 6 x 1,000HP

Generating Power: 5 x 1,800kW

Dynamic Positioning System

  • 3 x Trimble DSM 232 DGPS Units
  • 1 x Artemi MK4, complete with Independent UPS
  • 1 x Sonardyne Acoustic System with ROV Tracking
  • 1 x Fugro Winfrog Tracking and Mapping System
  • 1 x Bandak Taut Wire
  • 2 x MDL Fan Beams

Fuel Consumption

In-Port: 5.5m3/day

DP Mode: 17m3/day

In Max Speed (7.5kt): 27.5m3/day


Working Dimension: 6.7056m x 6.4008m


2 x 100 MT 


132 T SWL Coring/Light Well Intervention Derrick

Helideck, Life-Rafts & Rescue Craft 

  • Helideck: S-61
  • 25-men Life Rafts: 14
  • 6-men Fast Rescue Craft: 1


  • 1-man cabin: 4
  • 2-men cabin: 49
  • Gallery: 1
  • Gym: 1
  • Mess Rooms: 68 Pax
  • Sauna/ Changing Room: 1
  • TV/Ante Room: 1
  • Client Office: 1

Diving Support System 

Sat Diving Chambers (4-Diver): 4

Hyperbaric Lifeboat

  • Divers: 16
  • Crew: 3
  • Range: 96 nm
  • Speed: 5 knots


  • Built 1977, Updated 1994/1995 &  1996/1997
  • Navigation, Communications, Fire Fighting

Air Diving

Station: Verandah Deck

Diving Support Crane

Starboard side main deck 15MT SWL through full radius of 22m.


As Required